Where most consumers are familiar with the 4 C’s of Diamonds-cut, clarity, color and carat weight, which determine the desirability of a diamond in terms of prices. So how does a Diamond and a Moissanite compare in this areas. COLOR: Diamonds vary in color from D-E (colorless) to N-Z (noticeable color). Moissanite is comparable to…

Behind every beautiful gemstone is a highly talented designer, but the skill of the lapidary (cutter) is often overlooked as the gem takes centre stag

A ring makes a personal statement, reflecting the character and lifestyle of the wearer. It can represent an attachment to another person, as well as

Recent advances in gem treatments and synthetic stones have made buying gemstones much more of a challenge. As a consequence, finding a dealer or shop

Attitudes toward cabochon-cut gemstones vary from country to country. The United States and Britain view faceted stones as the more desirable form of

Sometimes it’s not possible to find what you want among available gemstones. You may have a design in mind that requires a specific material or type o