Where most consumers are familiar with the 4 C’s of Diamonds-cut, clarity, color and carat weight, which determine the desirability of a diamond in terms of prices. So how does a Diamond and a Moissanite compare in this areas. COLOR: Diamonds vary in color from D-E (colorless) to N-Z (noticeable color). Moissanite is comparable to I-J (near colorless). There is very minor variation in the color of Moissanite. CUT: Diamonds are cut primarily to retain weight, so you see a wide variety of cuts all in the same shape diamond. Moissanite are cut to exact angles and proportions designed specially to maximize the its brilliance. You will not see a poorly cut Moissanite, you will find many poorly cut diamonds that do not properly feflect light. CLARITY: Diamonds differ very much in clarity from VVS ( very, very slightly included-not visible to the naked eye) to I (included- very obvious and noticeable inclusions to the naked eye). Moissanite is compared to a VS1 (very small inclusions-not visible by the naked eye). there is no variation of clarity in Moissanite, regardless of the chosen cut. CARAT WEIGHT: Diamonds come in all weights from a small fraction of a carat to many carat and fractions. Moissanite gravity is lower then diamonds, about 13% Since most jewelry is defined by carat weight, Charles & Colvard provide a corresponding millimeter size to diamond equivalent weight. The final point of comparison is price. Diamond is a natural occurrance, whose prices is affected by a combination of the 4 C’s above, where Moissanite is a lab grown gemstone whose price is based on its yearly production. So what does that mean? If you were to purchase a 1 carat diamond with similar color, cut and clarity of a Moissanite, you can expect to pay from $5500 to over $7000. Now the equivalent 6.5mm Moissanite is available at my ebay store for under $350. As a14k Solitaire for less then $500 Well it is an amazing value for such a fiery gem, even when compared to more expensive color gems, like sapphire and emerald, which will soon ware, scratch and look dull. Moissanite rates as a 9.25 in the Moss hardness scale, next to a diamond wich is a 10. Only about 1% of the women of the world are fortunate enough to sport a 1 carat diamod ring or better. Now all women can aford to ejoy the fiery brilliance of a Moissanite! So ware Moissanite in your rings, pendants and earrings, ware it with confidence and enjoy looking like a star!