The abalone is a large snail that produces pearls. The shape of abalone pearls is irregular and their colour is a wonderful combination of green, blue, pink, purple, silver or occasionally white. The pearls are highly prized, whatever the size, as they are very rare; the odds of finding a pearl in an abalone shell are estimated at 1 in 50,000. Abalone blister pearls are cultivated.


The pink conch pearl is as rare as the abalone pearl. It can be found in the great conch, a large marine snail that lives in the Caribbean. The pearls have an irregular shape with a surface that looks like porcelain. Ideally, they should be symmetrical in shape with a strong pink/peach colour and a distinct flamelike pattern. In terms of price, the rarity of these conch pearls puts them on par with a large, perfectly found Tahitian pearl.