One of the biggest problems for a fashion or jewelry store is sourcing jewelry at a reasonable price. Many retailers will tell you, that sourcing good quality gemstone and silver jewelry is the key to their financial success. Why?

One reason. Freight costs. It’s almost impossible for a small retailer to purchase items such as clothing, homewares, accessories such as belts and bags etc. at wholesale price from overseas – the cost of such items are less…but usually the minimum order size is too large, and the cost of freight is prohibitive as the items are relatively large compared with their price. Thus, retailers are forced to purchase such items from domestic wholesalers, with their end markup often being less than 100%. Now any savvy retailer will tell you that under 100% might work in your retail shop when times are good, and sales are high… but when times are tough and sales are low? Under 100% is a big problem! You have little room to move to discount prices, before your profit is all but gone.

Not so with jewelry. Because of its small size, wholesale jewelry lots can be sent by express air mail at affordable rates and the savvy buyer can end up with a product they can mark up by 200, 300 even 500%!

Blue Moonstone RingMany fashion/home wares businesses get people into their shops with their clothes and home wares… but it’s selling jewelry sourced from overseas from where they make their real profits. Not that buying jewelry from overseas is without its problems. It takes time to develop relationships with overseas manufacturers. Your first buying attempts are likely to be less than successful, with quality control the most common problem encountered. Then you have the problem of “Who made this jewelry? Was it a child? Did the artisan receive fair payment?”

To make sure you get a good deal but are protected by a business who has already done the quality control checking, backs their product with a Western World Guarantee and ensures no child labor was used I recommend you go through an international buyer/wholesaler such as the

Aaron and YolieThe Wholesale Gem Shop is a family run business that specializes in sourcing high quality silver and gemstone jewelry from around the globe. They guarantee no child labor is used in the manufacture of any of their products and that the designers and manufactures have received ethical treatment when it comes to payment for their work. Notwithstanding these guarantees, Whole Sale Gem Shop has super competitive prices, their jewelry is wonderfully high quality and they express freight to their customers from all over the Globe, including the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and Europe. Though they only sell wholesale lots, not retail, they can service genuine smaller retailers with smaller size orders just as well as their larger clients.

So if you own a retail fashion, jewelry or home wares shop, or any other retail outlet that features silver or gemstones jewelry sales then we recommend you get in touch with our friend at the Wholesale Gem Shop Today.

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