Sunstone is less well known than labradorite and moonstone, although it is colourful and fascinating to design. The opaque cabochon material usually has a shimmering brownish orange to reddish orange colour and contains hematite Rakes parallel bands. Some copper  coloured stones have a metallic lustre and asterism – clear four-ray stars. Occasionally you will see clear, colourless stones with remarkable reflective inclusions consisting of red, orange and green platy crystals.

The effect is quite startling as the multicoloured inclusions look like glitter – it is easy to assume that the stone has been artificially produced. Green and blue aventurine feldspar also exists.

Facet-grade sunstone is transparent to slightly translucent and angles from a soft pinky orange colour to a fiery bright red. Initially, this was a collector’s stone, but it is now appearing on the market thanks to high-grade deposits found in Oregon.