People prefer to purchase certain types of gemstones based on certain factors and characteristics that make them unique from others. Some people base their purchase on the belief that specific gemstones have certain mystical effects connected with them. Just like with the blue lace agate, some people believe that it can help enhance the user’s self-confidence. In addition to this, some also believe that this gemstone has the power to improve communication and the clarity of a person’s voice, which is why blue lace agate gemstones are sometimes referred to as throat chakra stones. There are some who may follow these beliefs; however, there are also others who look at the physical and visual characteristics of a blue lace agate gemstone.

Things To Know About Blue Lace Agate


o   This semi-precious agate gemstone was originally mined in Namibia, a country located in the southwest of Africa. Authentic blue lace agate gemstones are still being mined within the country; however, there has also been discovery of this gemstone in India, Brazil, and China.

Visual Appearance

o   One of the distinguishing characteristics of this type of gemstone is the lace-like arrangement or pattern that is visible on a blue lace agate stone. The arrangement may be in bands of white, blue, and grey lines that can be seen running through the stone. These patterns are caused by the minerals that are present in the gemstone such as iron, nickel, titanium, and manganese. The stone itself has a light blue shade, which gives it its calming and peaceful appearance. Unlike other gemstones that get their colors because of pigments, this type gets its color because of a naturally occurring process called Rayleigh scattering. Since Rayleigh scattering is a molecular process, it ensures that the color of a blue lace agate gemstone will never fade. Being a stone that is a form of chalcedony, a blue lace agate gemstone has a glassy appearance.

Physical Attribute

o   The blue lace agate gemstone is a silicate that is composed of microscopic crystals, which is structurally different from other gemstones. Based on the Mohs scale, blue lace agate has a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7. This indicates that this type of gemstone has a good resistance to scratching. This is important for people who regularly expose their jewellery to harsh conditions. However, people should be careful with this gemstone as it can easily scratch any glass surface.


o   This is one of the types of gemstones that are considered to be getting rarer as time passes. This is one of the main reasons why this semi-precious gemstone costs a bit more than others. However, people interested in purchasing jewelry that contains this type of gemstone have to be cautious since there has been an alternative to create a gemstone that looks like a blue lace agate. During the 16th century, a dyeing technique was developed in Germany to manufacture man-made blue lace agate gemstones that would then be added to certain kinds of jewelry. One of the methods to know if the gemstone is authentic or man-made is by rubbing the stone to check if it has a waxy or glassy texture. Authentic blue lace agate should have this feel, which may not be replicated by the dyeing technique used on man-made gemstones.


o   Jewelry that has been installed with an authentic blue lace agate gemstone usually signifies class and wealth. Also, depending on the type of jewelry and shape of the gemstone, it is possible for someone to showcase the serenity and calmness that it may be able to give. This is why blue lace agate gemstones are among the top contenders to be used for engagement rings. Based on how the ring has been designed, it can fit the preference of any bride. In addition, its light blue color is able to match well with any skin color. This also means that it can be a perfect gemstone that can be used on bracelets, earrings, and any type of jewelry that is worn over the skin. Blue lace agate jewelry can also be in the form of brooches, necklaces, and pendants. The light color of the gemstone makes it fit any type of occasion.