When people talk about gemstones, there are some who believe that these gems have mystical properties that are meant to help those who are fortunate enough to have them in their possession. Among the various types of gemstones, there are a few that are known for being associated with fertility, love, and sensuality to its wearer. One of these is the pink moonstone. Though many purchase jewelry that uses this type of gemstone because of its mystical properties, some prefer to wear them because of other characteristics that are present in a pink moonstone gemstone.

Things To Know About Pink Moonstone


The use of moonstone dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. During those periods many believed that the gemstone was created from the moon itself. This created the notion that moonstones had healing and revitalizing characteristics. Moonstone usually had a bluish hue, however, around 1997; it was discovered by some miners who were digging in the southern part of India that there are various kinds of moonstone. One of the varieties of moonstone is the pink moonstone, which is also known as pink flake moonstone. Scientifically, pink moonstone is part of the orthoclase mineral species within the feldspar group.

Visual Appearance

This variety of moonstone may have a light pink to peach color. Pink flake moonstone, just like the other varieties of moonstone, is set apart from other gemstones because of the unique sheen it displays on its surface. The sheen that hovers on its surface is what people term adularescence. This natural optical effect is the reason why pink flake moonstone has the same shimmering appearance as the moon. 

Adularescence occurs when light is attracted by the moonstone. The visual effect then appears as if the light is floating underneath the surface of the gemstone. Another visual effect that moonstone has is called chatoyancy. This is the “cat’s eye” phenomenon that is available to some gemstones, like the pink moonstone.

Physical Attribute

For adularescence to happen, a gemstone needs to have a layered structure. There is an alternating thickness among the layers of the gemstone. The thin layers are small enough so that when light is attracted by the pink moonstone, the wavelengths are not visible to the human eye. Instead, what the eyes can see is that the light is being scattered into multiple directions within the gemstone. When it comes to the “cat’s eye” effect in a pink moonstone, this is caused by the fibrous cavities within the gemstone. Precipitates form within the gemstone, which align perpendicularly to make the cat’s eye visible. Pink moonstone is considered to be mediocre when it comes to resistance from getting scratched or damaged. This is clearly shown by Mohs hardness rating of 6 to 6.5. It has a refractive index between 1.518 and 1.526.


Moonstone is usually valued more when it is transparent and colorless, while also having a blue adularescence. However, pink flake moonstone, even with its visual characteristics, is highly valued since it is one of the rare varieties of moonstone.


The pink moonstone is closely associated with the divine feminine spiritual concept. This is why pieces of jewelry that use pink moonstone are usually worn by women. The pink moonstone is one of the gemstones that are perfect to be used for engagement rings. With its versatility, it can be used in different ring styles and designs. For other types of jewelry that go well with pink moonstone, it has been known to complement well with any type of skin tone. 

For those who plan to wear their jewelry regularly, they can choose those with pink moonstones such as earrings, bracelets, chokers, pendants, and other types of jewelry that would rest directly on a person’s skin. However, wearers must be cautious when wearing jewelry items with pink moonstones installed on them since they can easily be scratched when exposed to hard or rough surfaces. It is best to take these items off when going through harsh physical activities. Also, it is not advised to use a brush to clean jewelry with a pink moonstone. It is best to only use mild soap and water. It is also good to polish it but with the use of a mild cleaner.