Among the various kinds of gemstones that come from labradorite crystals, spectrolite has been one of the more popular of these gemstones. With its high level of colorfulness, spectrolite is one of the sought-after gemstones used in jewelries. Some people believe that this type of gemstone is sought after for its healing power and protection. For these people, spectrolite emits positive energy that helps the user achieve good luck and have good mental health.

Things To Know About Spectrolite


When people talk about spectrolite, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is the national stone of Finland. It has been said that this type of stone was accidentally discovered during World War II. During that time, they were quarrying for stones along the eastern borders of Finland to create obstacles for tanks that were planning to pass through the area. 

Spectrolite can be found among the stones that are usually mined from the bedrock of Ylämaa. It was the Finnish geologist Aarne Laitakari who gave it its trade name, spectrolite. It was only after the end of the war that quarrying and the production of spectrolite gemstones became significant to the local industry. A gem center was then developed in Ylämaa which included training for proper gem-cutting. Through the years spectrolite can also be mined from areas such as Madagascar and Canada.

Visual Appearance

One of the main reasons why this type of gemstone was given its name was due to the fact that it came in various color spectrums. The different colors of spectrolite gemstones include blue, yellow, green, purple, red, and orange. Some of the spectrolite gemstones used in certain jewelries may be cut in ways that would show the different play of colors of the gemstones. It is very noticeable with a spectrolite gemstone that it has a deep black background. With this background it is able to give a nice contrast to the colors to give them a more defined and clearer look.

Physical Attribute

Unlike other types of stones, spectrolite is among the stones that has a feature called labradorescence. There is a twin layering within the structure of the crystal. When light enters the stone, it is reflected by these twin layers. It is due to how the light bounces within the different layers and areas within the stone that makes it reflect different colors. This is normal for all varieties of labradorite, but with spectrolite, the twin structuring is known to be polysynthetic lamellar twinning. There are cases wherein the twin structure within the stone can be seen by the naked eye. When it comes to the hardness of spectrolite, it has a Mohs scale rating of 6 to 6.5. This means that a spectrolite gemstone has an average resistance to scratches.


Spectrolite is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone just like all other labradorite gems. However, spectrolite is also known to be rarer and has higher quality than other labradorite gems, which causes its higher pricing over them. Also, spectrolite that comes directly from Finland is also known to have a higher value due to the fact that it has a richer and brighter hue.


Spectrolite is considered the birthstone for people born in September. Most people that wish to wear jewelries with spectrolite gemstones prefer to have them fashioned into cabochons. Spectrolite cabochon gemstones look perfect for cocktail rings. By having an oversized center gemstone, a cocktail ring with spectrolite is meant to enhance the attractiveness of the color play within the gemstone.  

Another well-known jewelry that perfectly makes use of the qualities of a spectrolite gemstone is a wedding band. The spectrolite gemstone is inlaid onto the wedding band giving it a clean and beautiful look. As an accessory, a necklace that uses a spectrolite gemstone is perfect to be partnered with dark-colored clothes since the play of colors produced by the gemstone can be given more focus. Other jewelries that can partner beautifully with spectrolite gemstones include bracelet cuffs, bracelets, earrings, pins, pendants, and brooches. 

Jewelries that have spectrolite gemstones should be given extra care due to the risk of scuffing and scratching the stones. They must be stored in ways that they do not get exposed to rough or sharp surfaces. Also, it is advisable to clean the jewelry by using gentle soap and lukewarm water. The back of the gemstone can be brushed but should be done very gently and using a soft toothbrush. To dry the spectrolite jewelry, it is recommended patting it dry with a soft towel, and avoid rubbing the cloth on to the gemstone.