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Thank you for visiting L.J. Jewelry online. L.J. Jewelry is a premier jeweler and luxury jewelry retailer headquartered in Jewelry District of Downtown, Los Angeles. Its founder and owner, John Borugian, has over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry, and, to this day, overseas the company’s day-to-day operations. Since its founding in 1978, L.J. Jewelry has grown to become one of the most respected and sought after jewelers in the country. John started a career in the jewelry business at a very early age. With the help of his father, Levon, he started L.J. Jewelry and began importing and selling Italian made jewelry, all the while building his clientele and expanding his inventory. Today, L.J. Jewelry manages a top-of-the-line workshop made up of jewelers, designers, stone setters, and stone cutters. 100% owned and operated by John and his wife, Tammy, L.J. Jewelry remains a family run business. “L.J. Jewelry has and always will remain a family affair. I love what I do. I get to share in the most important times of people’s lives, ” says John. High quality workmanship and personalized service is what distinguishes L.J. Jewelry from its competitors. John personally selects all of the gemstones used in the jewelry sold in their signature retail store. “We only use diamonds that are VS, colorless and better, ” says John. “Quality and attention to detail are a part of each piece we showcase.” And, if you are looking for something different, L.J. Jewelry will work with you to design and create your own custom-made jewelry.. John has a strong passion for jewelry, but first and foremost values the relationships he has developed during his long tenure. John is the personal jeweler to a very prestigious clientele, consisting of professional athletes, Hollywood actors, musicians, and business owners. John’s customers are loyal to him, and many have been purchasing from L.J. Jewelry for multiple generations. Since 1978, L.J. Jewelry has remained committed to its customers by giving honest advice and creating jewelry that meet the highest quality standards.

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