Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Mined Diamonds

Some people prefer purchasing jewelry items that have gemstones installed on them. Gemstones do not only add value, but they also improve the appearance of any piece of jewelry. With numerous types of precious and semi-precious gemstones available all over the world, diamonds are the most sought-after among these gemstones. Diamonds have characteristics and qualities that make them more valuable than the other types of gemstones. However, people need to also realize that there are also two types of diamonds that are being used on different kinds of jewelry items. People should be familiar with the differences between these two [...]

Pink Moonstone

When people talk about gemstones, there are some who believe that these gems have mystical properties that are meant to help those who are fortunate enough to have them in their possession. Among the various types of gemstones, there are a few that are known for being associated with fertility, love, and sensuality to its wearer. One of these is the pink moonstone. Though many purchase jewelry that uses this type of gemstone because of its mystical properties, some prefer to wear them because of other characteristics that are present in a pink moonstone gemstone. Things To Know About Pink [...]

Blue Lace Agate

People prefer to purchase certain types of gemstones based on certain factors and characteristics that make them unique from others. Some people base their purchase on the belief that specific gemstones have certain mystical effects connected with them. Just like with the blue lace agate, some people believe that it can help enhance the user’s self-confidence. In addition to this, some also believe that this gemstone has the power to improve communication and the clarity of a person’s voice, which is why blue lace agate gemstones are sometimes referred to as throat chakra stones. There are some who may follow [...]


Among the various kinds of gemstones that come from labradorite crystals, spectrolite has been one of the more popular of these gemstones. With its high level of colorfulness, spectrolite is one of the sought-after gemstones used in jewelries. Some people believe that this type of gemstone is sought after for its healing power and protection. For these people, spectrolite emits positive energy that helps the user achieve good luck and have good mental health. Things To Know About Spectrolite History When people talk about spectrolite, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is the national stone of [...]

What Stone Shape Should I Choose for An Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings can be customized to fit the wishes of the couples. This is important since each couple has their own preferred style and design. Among the parts of an engagement ring that is customizable is the shape of its gemstone. It is important that couples are familiar with the characteristics of the different gemstone shapes available so that they will know which are aligned to their requirements. Important Things to Know About Gemstone Shapes Round One of the most important factors that make round gemstones among the most sought-after gemstone shapes for an engagement ring is that they give [...]

Alternative to Diamonds In An Engagement Ring

Picking the perfect engagement ring takes a lot of effort and consideration. It is symbolic of the love a couple shares with each other. Historically, mined diamonds have been the most popular stones used on engagement rings. The quality and elegance of a mined diamond makes it an excellent fit for an engagement ring. However, there may be situations wherein mined diamonds do not fit the engagement ring requirements of certain couples. A lot of people are not familiar with the various alternatives for the gemstones that can be used on their engagement rings. Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings Ruby [...]

Handling Gemstones

You need to know how to handle and care for your gemstones as much as you can to have the least amount of damage happen to them.

The ring

A ring makes a personal statement, reflecting the character and lifestyle of the wearer. It can represent an attachment to another person, as well as

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