Handling Gemstones

You need to know how to handle and care for your gemstones as much as you can to have the least amount of damage happen to them.

The ring

A ring makes a personal statement, reflecting the character and lifestyle of the wearer. It can represent an attachment to another person, as well as

Diamond vs Moissanite comparison of the 4 C’s

Where most consumers are familiar with the 4 C's of Diamonds-cut, clarity, color and carat weight, which determine the desirability of a diamond in terms of prices. So how does a Diamond and a Moissanite compare in this areas. COLOR: Diamonds vary in color from D-E (colorless) to N-Z (noticeable color). Moissanite is comparable to I-J (near colorless). There is very minor variation in the color of Moissanite. CUT: Diamonds are cut primarily to retain weight, so you see a wide variety of cuts all in the same shape diamond. Moissanite are cut to exact angles and proportions designed specially [...]

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